Wakefield Orchestral Wind

A list of performances in the 1990s

Here is a list of dates and venues of past WOW performances as found in our archive.


We think there are some gaps in our records for the 1990s. We know that we played regularly at the Pennine Camphill Community, but, don't have the dates.


Whilst we hope this list is complete and accurate, please contact us if you are aware of any items missing or any mistakes.




14th May 1992 - Phoenix Unit of Stanley Royd Hospital

4th July 1993 - Pennine Camphill Community

3rd December 1994 - Kirkhamgate Methodist Church

September 1995 - Pontefract Methodist Church

16th November 1996 - Holy Cross Drama Group, Airedale Parish Hall, Castleford

1996 - Christ Church, South Ossett

30th November 1996 - Kirkhamgate Methodist Church (Lindale)

17th May 1997 - Westgate Chapel (Unitarian), Wakefield

14th June 1997 - Kirkhamgate Methodist Church (Lindale)

22nd November 1997 - Airedale, Castleford

11th December 1997 - Westgate Chapel (Unitarian), Wakefield

5th December 1998 - Kirkhamgate Methodist Church (Lindale)

11th December 1999 - Kirkhamgate Methodist Church (Lindale)